Construction reinforcement

we are involved in the production and fitting of finished prefabricated reinforcement

JFK is a producer of contruction reinforcements.

We produce reinforcement prefabricated units on the basis of specifications and technical drawings with the use of automated technological lines for cutting, bending and straightening reinforcement bars of many classes and bar diameters in the range between 6mm and 42mm. We have a team of experienced steel fixers, welders and construction reinforcement fitters.

JFK offers:

  • Reinforcement steel prefabrication in a highly advanced technological form including spatial figures such as so-called semi-bottoms, U-shapes and covers, in accordance with technical specifications as required by the customer.
  • Cutting, bending and welding of steel reinforcement steel in accordance with technical specifications
  • Prefabricated steel for the reinforcement of concrete in classes: BST500S, RB500W, B500B, B500SP EPSTAL in class AIIIN and diameters within the range between 6mm and 42mm
  • We produce reinforcement framing of piles and diaphragm walls.
  • We deliver reinforcement meshes and mats
  • We provide finished components of reinforcement with the use of our own forwarding company or we provide reinforcement fitting directly at the construction site

JFK improving our productions lines, we introduce state-of-the-art brand reinforcement machines SCHNELL COIL 16 Pack 2

Technical specifications

Dual-direction stirrup bender apt to process both hot and cold-drawn steel in coils.
Machine is driven by electric servomotors.

  • Single strand Ø 6 ÷ 16 mm
  • Double strand Ø 6 ÷ 13 mm
  • Pulling speed 140 m/min.
  • Anti-Twist device
  • Two straightening groups (horizontal and vertical) with electronic and independent adjustment on the two wires by means of equalizers
  • 4 pulling drive wheels
  • Cutting with Brushless motors with adjustable wire guide, reversible mobile and fixed cutting blades
  • Pneumatic stirrup collector flap
  • Bending speed 1668o/sec
automat zbrojarski - SCHNELL COIL 16 Pack 2

JFK guarantee:

  • The highest quality confirmed by certificates of quality and in-house quality control
  • Short lead times in the just-in-time formula with the use of our own forwarding company
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional service and individualized approach to each customer
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